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Hand Carved Walking Sticks, Walking Canes & Hiking Staffs by Ivan Wilson.


Our hand carved walking sticks and walking canes are made from the finest materials available.

If you require

  • A walking stick for balance
  • A hiking staff for exploring or
  • A custom carved walking cane or walking stick that fits your exact requirements

We offer an amazing selection at excellent prices. Please fill out our Request a Quote page and we will help you with the details.

We also carry a full line of cane tips, cane straps, cane handles, collars and accessories.

Our Custom wood walking sticks include:

  • Dog Head Walking Sticks and Canes
  • Cats Head Walking Sticks and Canes
  • Parrot walking sticks and canes
  • Wild Bird Head Walking sticks and Canes
  • Horse Head Walking Sticks and Canes
  • Farm animal walking sticks and canes
  • North American Wildlife Walking Sticks and Canes
  • Exotic Wildlife Walking Sticks and Canes
  • Sports Team Mascot Walking Sticks and Canes
  • Sport Team Helmet Canes
  • Mythical Creatures Walking sticks and Canes
  • Dragon Walking sticks and canes
  • Animated/Cartoon Characters Walking Sticks and Canes
  • Skull Walking Stocks and Canes
  • Military Themed Walking Sticks and Canes
  • Classic Fritz canes with custom collars
  • Classic Derby canes with custom collars
  • Wilson Staffs Hiking Sticks and Staffs
  • Boy Scout hiking sticks
  • Beer can Walking sticks and canes
  • Famous People Walking Sticks and Canes

Wilson Staffs has one of the largest selections of custom carved walking stick and walking cane handles in North America. Ivan Wilson is a master wood carver that specializes in carving dog and cat handles from photos of pets. Other popular items include custom sports team handles and exotic animals and birds. Contact us for details on our famous products or Request a Quote to get an accurate price for your custom walking stick or cane.