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Ivan started whittling basswood figurines and carving cedar masks over 25 years ago as a hobby.

It was a quiet enjoyable getaway from his job as a steel and aluminum boat builder.

His carving evolved from carving softwoods with knives and chisels to power carving hardwoods with air turbines and carbide burrs.

Ivan carved his first walking stick 18 years ago.  It was topped with his companion dog “Kayo”.  It was a bit crude but he hasn’t stopped making sticks since.

Ivan is now retired from boat building but working harder than ever doing what he loves.

Taking a piece of wood and giving it life is satisfying, but not as much as knowing that he has put a smile on a lot of faces in the process.

WILSON STAFFS WALKING STICKS is a Mom & Pop business and we take pride in offering a product and service that we feel is very unique.

We give those who require the use of a cane an opportunity to have one that is fun, functional and personal.

We hope that you enjoy visiting our website and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Ivan & Debi Wilson