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Some comments from our customers

From Idaho, Maria writes
Hi Debi, Ivan, I received my walking sticks today and all I can say is "WOW!" because all other words escape me. I recall having the same experience when I received the first one several years ago. These are simply phenomenal. That which you made for me (the one with the Owl and collar) is truly amazing. I recently sold my most prized drum set, a vintage 1960's Ludwig kit. It was time to make that move in order to embrace a different life. This walking stick melds the 2 sides of my life and forever memorializes the music that is in my soul. Also noted in the picture is my beloved dog, Oreo who is beside me whether playing my kit or running around the mountains. Truly the dog you get that you know you will never ever replace once gone. Again, all of those things emblazoned into such a beautiful and now cherished hiking stick. I can't thank you enough for such a memorial. You have no idea the sentiment you have created for me.

The walking stick you made for my Mom is awesome too! I love the switch to the growling mountain lion. She is a great lady but she is a force to reckon with too and this one just fits her to a tee.

The animal carvings are simply beyond beautiful. The craftsmanship is unparalleled. Thank you for all of the love you put into these 2 masterpieces. I know they must be a labor of love and I imagine at times sending them away is like sending your child away. Thanks for sharing your gift with so many of us out here who order from you.

I know I will be back again for more in the future. Until then I hope you stay in good health and happiness.

Kind wishes,


From Alberta, Pat writes

Not sure if you remember but a couple years ago you made a B.C. Lions Cane for my father. You put the Grey Cup winning years on it.

He absolutely loved that cane. On April 14 he passed away and we thought the appropriate thing to do would be for the cane to be buried with him.

I just want to thank you for making something he treasured and will treasure for eternity.

Thank you

From Missouri, Linda writes
I LOVE my African Serval cane. I saw the picture of it on your website after it was shipped. As soon as I can trust Kyan around it I will take a picture of him and the cane side by side. I have been so embarrassed to have to use a cane at my age but now I am so proud!

Thanks again for everything!


From Australia, John writes
Hi Debi,

I just wanted to personally say how greatful I am for the work that has gone into my Dad's walking stick.

The look on his face when he unwrapped it was completely priceless.

Thank you so very much.


From Ontario, Wanda writes
Hello Ivan & Debi

Thank you so much for the wonderful walking stick that captures Czar perfectly... Not just another Sammy!

The workmanship obviously reflects the passion you have for creating such beautiful items.

We are the envy of all the dog walkers in our neighbourhood !!


Wanda & Czar

From Georgia, Ed writes
Ivan and Debi,
I had a wonderful Christmas capped off with a beautiful Screaming Eagle Cane!
Thanks so much.

From North Carolina, Steve writes
Dad loved his Wolfie! Being an engineer by trade he was very impressed with the quality!
Merry Christmas to you and yours!
After 5 days Dad admits he can walk better with his Wolfie! Have a Happy New Year!

From Tennessee, Jamie writes
Just wanted to say the whale cane arrived and looks amazing, he does great work!
Thank you and Merry Christmas


From New Jersey, Michael writes
Ivan and Debi – Received the cane a week or so ago. Absolutely wonderful job – have received many admiring comments so far and it is giving me great pleasure to use – from both a practical and cosmetic standpoint (will be using it for some time to come as my Achilles heals). So thanx once again for the beautiful work and all the follow-up. I wish you the best going forward and a Merry Christmas.
Regards - Mike

From Michigan, Pat writes
Hi Ivan and Deb, wanted to let you know that I received the walking stick yesterday. I am so pleased with the eagle head. I didn't unwrap the whole stick, just had to peek at the eagle. You are amazing and the quality is wonderful. I can't wait to give it to him. He is going to be so surprised. So glad I found you to make this wish for him come true. I wish you both happy holidays and a wonderful New Year. I will try to email you a picture of my husband with his new stick.
Sincerely, Pat

From New Jersey, Jeff writes
Ivan & Debi
Thank You Very much for the Great job on the cane. It arrived today. I'm Very Pleased and Proud. Fine craftsmanship. As soon as I can figure out a design for my father, I'd like to surprise him with one. He is also a disabled Veteran. Army Vietnam.
I will be in touch.
Again, Thank You for your Excellent service and Great work and hospitality. I will be showing it off at my VA appointment in the morning.
Semper Fi

From Tasmania Australia, Troy writes
G’day Guys!
My Bonnie stick arrived today, I can’t tell you how impressed I’m with it. The facial expression is very lively and the eyes capture Bonnie’s mischievous nature completely!
You are a true craftsman, I thank you with all my heart for the work and care you have put into my walking stick.
Thank you

From Alberta, Nick writes
Pug sticks arrived today. Wow. Such an unbelievable job done. Thank you so much. I only wish I didn't have to wait till Christmas to gift it to my wife. I will write a testimonial on your website after Christmas.

From London England, Rosetta writes
Dear Ivan and Debi
I have received the walking staff and I have to write to you - it is amazing! Thank you so very much! It is all wrapped ready for Christmas – I can’t wait to see Gary’s face on Christmas Day
Thank you again
Best wishes

From Illinois, Joe writes
I received my Mermaid cane today WOW it's beautiful I couldn't be happier It fits my hand perfectly can't wait to show it off Thank you so much!

From Utah, Greg writes
I received my Mermaid cane today WOW it's beautiful I couldn't be happier It fits my hand perfectly can't wait to show it off Thank you so much!=

From Kansas, Jackie writes
Just want to say thank you for the cane. It is the only came my dad would even consider using. I think the fact it is a great conversation piece helps him feel more confident and makes him feel like less people actually think about him on the cane and more about the cane itself. Thank you for making a positive impact on a difficult situation!

From Iowa, Tyree writes
Debi, I just want to thank you & Ivan. The first walking cane Ivan carved was " Puppy Dog" the cat & thank you for putting her on your web site. Then came Herky Hawkeye, the Growling Bobcat {Lynx} the Wild Turkey for Thanksgiving, & I will receive the U.N.I. Panther in a few days. It is pleasure to work with a artist like Ivan & you Debi, you keep it all held together.

Best Regards, Ty

From Pennsylvania, George writes
Dear Ivan and Debi, It is with tears on my keyboard and a heavy heart that I write to you on confirmation of the receipt of my cane. It was delivered yesterday the same day I had to put Finnegan down. He has been in the hospital battling a liver ailment that just showed up. For a 2 ½ year old dog liver disease is very rare so they suspect some sort of toxin (intentional or not) but he was only at home, my office, and the kennel so we are all at a loss.
The cane is beautiful and will be a lasting tribute to Finnegan’s legacy.

Thank you


From New York, Julie writes
Dear Mr. Wilson,

Thank goodness for gmail and emails that get saved for years! You sent me a lovely cane 5 years ago, and, alas, I now need a new one! I do hope you are still in business. I will go to your website now and fill out an order for the exact same item. You do lovely work and the cane has served me well for years. You should see my order on your website shortly.

A very satisfied customer

From California, Melanie writes
Just wanted to say thank you so much for the beautiful cane. The detail on the horse is amazing. Most importantly, my mom loves it. She said she was going to sleep with it. I might actually get her to use a cane now.

Thanks again! Melanie

From Oregon, Sheila writes
WOW, WOW, WOW.....

It is BEAUTIFUL. I will be taking it over tonight. I will let you know how he receives it. THANK YOU so much and for the timeliness. He has it good and bad days and weeks, still. What a hard thing so many have to go through.

Love ya

Again and again, I can't tell you how excited he was to get this gift. It looks just like Benson. My friend loved the tongue showing and the deep expression the eye had.

Thank you, thank you.

From Pennsylvania, Gene writes
I received the stick today, and it is beautiful ! The photos on the website certainly are very nice, but they don't do the real thing justice.

I do plan to use this every day, but I am almost reluctant to put anything this nice to practical use - should be on display only. But I will be strolling through the woods feeling very uplifted as I look at the superb workmanship you have completed.

It was worth the wait. Thank you for your excellent work - it will be enjoyed for years to come.

From Ontario, Marty writes
The package came today in great shape. The stick and cane are beautiful. Too nice to use. Your initial thoughts on design don’t do justice to the final product. Extremely pleased with how things worked out. Well worth the wait. Please use me as a reference should the need arise. Ivan does great work. Could you give me some details on woods in construction & finish. I know I will be asked.
Thank you again for the wonderful momentos.

From Texas, Lee writes
I have received the walking stick and I absolutely love it. I will cherish it for the rest of my life! Many, many thanks!

From California, Derry writes
I delivered the cane to my mother yesterday (I did not unwrap it before) and we were both overwhelmed by the exquisite detail and superb artistry of the cane. It is an absolute jewel and looks so much like her beloved owl that visits occasionally. Mom called me this morning and we kept talking about the amazing eyes, the color, the details on the feathers, and even the little feet. Also, the owl blends so unbelievably smoothly into the handle of the cane. I sure will spread the word about you down here.
Again, thank you so much. It is this kind of gift that makes the giving so special.

From Washington, Don writes
The stick is beautiful I can't believe the detail in the owl you do a super job I will have to order one for myself I just can't decide which one to get

From New York, Matt writes
My wolf cane came in today and it's absolutely beautiful! Stellar work once again, I'm beyond happy with how it came out. Thank you very much for this treat. Wishing you both a happy and healthy new year! Looking forward to my next order, Matt

From North Carolina, Bess & Lynda write
Thanks for such beautiful work. Dad/Bill absolutely loves it. Sincerely, Bess and Lynda

From Illinois, Sylvia writes
Dear Deb and Ivan, I received the screaming eagle hiking staff yesterday thanks for pushing it through even though I missed the cut off date. I purchased it as a gift for my boyfriend. I couldn't help but take a peek at it before wrapping it. It is very beautiful, exquisitely crafted. I loved it so much I plan to order a hiking staff for myself in the Spring. So we will be back in touch with you for all our hiking staff and stick needs. Thanks for your time, sincerely Sylvia

From Calgary, Pat writes
Hi Ivan and Debi Cane was delivered today, absolutely wonderful job. I can't wait to give it to him. I will definitely recommend you to anyone wanting this work done.
Thank you so much
Have a good day, have a better one tomorrow

From Michigan, Jane writes
Debi, I just wanted you to know that my Mickey Mouse cane arrived this afternoon and I LOVE IT!! Thanks so much! Jane

From Indiana, Deb writes
I meant to write sooner but got behind and then forgot. When the box came I asked my husband if he wanted to see it. He knows it's a cane with Max on the top. He said no, since it's his Christmas gift he would wait. Not me! It doesn't matter who it's for I can't wait. So I took it in another room and took the cane out. First I stopped breathing and then the tears rolled down my cheeks. This beautiful work of art IS MAX! The shape of him, the amount of gray, the look on the wooden face and of course the tail, are all MAX. My husband will have this treasure the rest of his life. I can't even imagine someone so gifted with talent to be able to carve this masterpiece! Of course the rest of the cane is perfection also. I know this is something I purchased but it is so much more than that. Blessings on both of you and I pray you get famous!! :-)

From South Carolina, Mookie writes
WOW!! It is beautiful- perfect! Thank YOU both very much. WOW really pleased. I will show off this piece of art and proudly recommend Wilson Walking Sticks. I am smiling! Well I just wanted to tell you both my Dad is really pleased with his cane! The first phone call after he received it was not super great- tho' he did think it was "gorgeous" he mentioned "I don't need a cane yet". But since then he has called us 4 times to thank us AND comment on how beautiful the cane is. I encouraged him to just get use to it so WHEN he does need it (sheesh!) he will be comfortable with it. Anyway just a heartfelt thanks for a beautiful piece of usable art! Sincerely with love

From New York, Pete writes
I received my Marine Corps personalized Devil Dog walking cane yesterday. Truly a masterpiece. I could not be happier.

From Switzerland, Flavio writes
Dear Debi and Ivan, My walking sticks arrived safely today. The replica Darwin's Walking Stick is superb and elegant. Ivan has done a very good job on carving Schotty, working from the photos I sent. He's certainly captured many of Schotty's characteristics, especially his "Napoleon" ears (so named, as from the back he has the appearance of wearing a Napoleonic tricorn hat) and his white ruff. Schotty in miniature, I am amazed how Ivan was able to capture so much of the essence of our dog, working just from photographs I am not sure which one I like the best - The replica or Schotty. Either way, you have a satisfied customer. Sincerely Flavio

From Texas, Norm writes
Dear Deb and Ivan....over the years I've bought several very fine and distinctive canes from you. But none of the reactions to them have ever been as amazing as the remarks I've gotten about the "Vanilla cane." People stop me on the street, in restaurants and elevators, everywhere. It's such a beautiful piece or work. I give out your email address to who ever asks for it and have talked of you on the air on my sports talk show (39 continuous years on air in Dallas as of Aug. 10). Just wanted you to know how many people have so appreciated your work. Thank you....and Vanilla appreciates being a legend in her own time.
THANK YOU FOR A WONDERFUL STYLISH PRODUCT.....cheers and have blessed days

From Iowa, Duff writes
Debi & Ivan, > > Just received my Hawkeye cane today - one word - AWESOME!!! > > Herky looks just right, the gold color is perfect , stain is perfect too, and the inscription and collar finish it off (love the inscription detail). Great craftsmanship! > > I'm giving it to my buddy tomorrow. When we get to a football game this fall (planning on it) I'm sure there will be plenty of comments. > > I'll have your website info in hand to distribute - hopefully it might drive you some more business. > > Thanks again and take care, > > Duff

I think I told you Walt loves his cane, but wanted you to know that we are planning on going to a Hawkeye home game (Iowa City) on Sep 13th. The Hawks are going to beat up on their little brother school (Iowa State) - I hope. More importantly Ivan's awesome cane work will be proudly on display to the Hawkeye community! When I say I'm going to do something I do it! I will have your contact information available for any requests. Hope you and Ivan are both well. Your craftsmanship and customer service are outstanding. I don't really know you, but I luv ya both. Take care, Duff

From Nebraska, Angie writes
Hello, i just wanted to let you know I received the walking stick. It turned out beautiful. I had ordered it as a gift for my dad, who just had a knee replacement and is scheduled for another one later this year. He loved it and is so happy to have it! Thanks Again, Angie

From New Hampshire, Scott writes
Dear Debi and Ivan, My wonderful wife of 30 years, Leona, absolutely LOVED the panda walking stick that you made for her. The carved panda was perfect, and the brass band with the Panda logo and her initials came out even better than I envisioned! All of her panda items have names, and this one has officially been named "Wilson", not to be confused with the famous volleyball companion of Tom Hanks in "Castaway". I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic work, and for getting it here just in time for her birthday today. You really made the day for her, and she can't wait to go out and start using it when we finally get some warmer weather. With many thanks, and sincere thanks, I am a very satisfied customer! Scott

From England, Woof writes
Hi Ivan & Debi I have received my fantastic stick Thelma today, and what can I say, what should I say but THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I have now got my best friend home again, I hope Ivan you don't give up your great skill as you have made me so happy that my best friend is home with me again. Debi I would say thank you for your time and ease of my order. You made things go so well and were so understanding to the loss of my pet. I will recommend you to anyone who asks were my stick was made, and I do hope that when Thelma's sister Louise passes on I will be able to call on your services again,(not too soon I hope) once again Thank You both for your time and understanding. ... WOOF... (from England)

From England, Paul writes
Just to let you know the stick arrived safe and sound yesterday. I am really pleased with it, it looks fantastic and just like Dudley. I hung the stick at the bottom of the stairs ready for use, and when my wife arrived in from work, she thought it was gorgeous. Many thanks for your beautiful craftsmanship and help in getting it here. Just to let you know we had notification from Parcel Force that a fee needed paying for customs. We didn't mind this at all, and are only mentioning it in case you send to the UK again. Many, many thanks again, I'm sure I'll get plenty of inquisitive questions while out and about!

From Massachusetts, Rosemarie writes
Hi Ivan, I just wanted to send you a Thank You for the English Bulldog cane you produced for my husband that has ALS. He absolutely loves it. Even though he has progressed in the last month the therapist wants him to use two canes if he isn't using his walker for extra support, I'm just glad he will be able to enjoy it for a while before he won't be able to walk. So thank you very much for making this absolutely beautiful English Bulldog Cane! I will very highly recommend you to anyone looking for such beautiful work. Have a great day. Sincerely Rosemarie

From Minnesota, Diana writes
Love it ! You and Deb did a great job. Interestingly enough my Mom had a previous knee arthroscopy several years ago and one week ago tweaked her knee and started to limp so she started to use a cane until it gets stronger. I will be giving this to her in about a week and I know she will be ecstatic. You are a master craftsman and a great team. Again thank you for providing a craft that allows someone that has to or needs to use a cane enjoy using one. It is great for there psyche and helping a person feel good about walking with a cane. It is a great conversation starter also. It will not be the last cane I order from you both. Stay warm and happy carving. Diana

From Ohio, Doug writes
My cane arrived today and it is beautiful. Thank you very much for the fabulous job that you have done again. We are so pleased with it that we can’t wait to go to the next Ohio State basketball game. We have season tickets to both the women’s and men’s basketball games. Just wanted to drop you all a note to say thank you, Doug

From Kentucky, Pat writes
I received the new cane today. Thank you for the outstanding work and prompt response! Pat

From Texas, Paul writes
I have been wanting to drop you an email. I received my walking stick back a few months ago and never got around to sending you a special thank you. The pictures on the website of the walking sticks do NOT do them justice. When I unwrapped my stick here in Texas just a few weeks after ordering it, I was truly shocked. The stick was much more beautiful than I had imagined. Ivan’s carving is outstanding. It is a true work of art. I thank you for exceeding my expectations on a deal we made without my even having held or looked at a previously done work. Something like that just does not happen much these days. I am trying to decide if I need to order another, just so I can hand both on to my two sons. The best of luck to you both. I am very proud to own a Wilson Staff. I am, very truly yours, Paul

From Arizona, Caro writes
I just picked up my stick and it is gorgeous! I am so happy to have it and will take it with me everywhere. Thank you both so much for all the loving care that has so obviously gone into creating such a wonderful likeness of my darling Ivan. You have eased my heartache. With thanks and affection, Caro

From Deleware, Stacey writes
I wanted to let you know I received the hiking stick today and it is absolutely beautiful! It is exactly what I envisioned. Thank you so much for getting it to me so quickly, I really appreciate it. Your work is beautiful! Stacey

From Maryland, Dick writes
Lucy and Ethel, stick version arrived today. Couldn't be better. Wonderful artwork. Thank you so much. You are a great talent, Mr Wilson. The other two sticks arrived. They look just great. Our sons and their families will be thrilled. We are showing them around to a few friends here to try and drum up some further business. Thank you again. Dick

From Maryland, Bruce writes
I am so pleased with my new cane I am speechless! It is far greater looking than I ever would imagined. I was concerned about ordering something over the internet because it is very difficult to find anyone these days that still takes PRIDE in what they create. You sir, are not one of those people. My cane is a work of art! Please accept my heart felt thanks and know that I will have my son bury it with me when I die and am buried. Thanks a millions, Bruce
P.S. Thanks to Deb for all of your help!

From Arizona, Amy writes
I received the stick yesterday. I love it and I think my Mom is really going to enjoy it. I am giving it to her as a birthday present. Now she will be able to go on a hike with her beloved Cooper again. Thank you. Amy

From Texas, Jetta writes
Hi! I have purchased several canes from you and they are incredible. We always get so many compliments on them. They are the best ever! Jetta

From Texas, Cherie writes
Just wanted you to know, I took my cane to the vet’s office today. He said it was “really cool”, but that I needed a spare with Callie on it. We’ll wait awhile for that. Then I might need one of all the dogs and cats that I have owned. You’d be a rich man. Cherie

From Arkansas, Linda writes
Hi Deb, I got my Poodle Cane today. I absolutely love it. It is just what I wanted. Tell your husband Thank You for doing such a beautiful job. I have tried it out and it is at the perfect height for me. Thank you so much again for everything. Linda.

From North Dakota, Ross writes
Ivan: My muskox staff arrived only moments ago. Hard to tell you how pleased I am with it! I'll have to "dream up" something else now, just to replicate the pleasure rush. Thanks so much. Ross

From Florida, Jim writes
Dear Ivan and Debi , I received my Bentley cane today; Wow it's amazing and I love it. The workmanship, artistry and quality of the wood and coloring is top shelf! Please use me for references, every dog owner should have this fabulous likeness of their best friend. I will treasure it for many years to come. Again I cannot thank you enough, With warm regards, Jim.

From Chicago, Romel writes
My cane arrived on time and I'm very happy with how it looked in person! Like I said before, being a Leo, makes it just that much more special to me! You see, I collect all types of (lion) figurines, trinket boxes, mugs, caps, canes and sword canes, but yours is my only all wood cane and the best looking one too! So again, Thank You very much, Romel.

From England, Brian writes
Just to let you know that my walking canes arrived today 20/03/12 at 15.05. Oh My God what a craftsman Ivan is, the level of workmanship on my Gorilla walking cane is second to none. The detail is simply mind blowing, I did not think that anyone would be able to hand carve a Gorilla with so much detail. But Ivan you did and it's simply awesome, I would also like to mention my inlaid walking cane of Scarlet. Yet again another superb job, They are both above and beyond my expectations. Have no doubts that I will have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone that wants a very unique hand carved walking cane.

From Maryland, John writes
I just wanted to let you know that I received my customized Baltimore Raven cane last week, and wanted to tell you what a fantastic job you did! Everyone thinks it is just beautiful, a real work of art. I also see that the cane made it into your gallery, a nice surprise. The only regret I have is that I did not go for the optional wrist strap, as it is such a work of art, I would hate to lose grip of it an have it fall to the ground. Thanks again for doing such a wonderful job!

From Massachusetts, James writes
Honestly, I really do not how to tell you this because you both have more talent in your Pinkies than I have in my entire person, BUT, when the stick arrived today and I showed it to Eddie -THE PC HANDYMAN who was here fixing my computer-we both suspected that it HAD TO BE PLASTIC....(Is that an insult?) Your Great Grey Owl creation is a thing of magnificence. It is the finest stick in my Collection of 184 pieces , BAR NONE. I cannot wait to take it to the grief councilor tomorrow-Dr. H. loves seeing my walking sticks ! You should be so so proud of the beautiful work you turn out. Many thanks. Hopefully you "Get" my strange humor....

From Florida, Robert writes
I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely LOVE my new cane! It is a truly functional work of art that I couldn't be happier with. It is everything I hoped for and then some, the design and measurements I requested are exactly as I described and it fits my hand as if it was meant to be there. Thank you again; it is a fantastic example of true craftsmanship!

From Minnesota, Diana writes
I have just received the two canes and the cane you designed and carved far exceeded my expectations. Your ability to listen to your clients and carve the cane the way the client in their mind sees it I think is equal to your exceptional woodcarving skill Their are many great woodcarvers but to find one that listens to the ideas and is able to conceptualize them into a phenomenal cane or walking stick is rare. You take it to the next level. The wood grain shows easily and the topcoat protects but does not take away from the detail underneath. With my cane I did not want any color to detract from the wood, but I want you to know that I have never seen such woodcarving that is so real realistic when I review your animal carvings, theme carvings etc. You have a talent and I am sure this will not be the last cane I order from you. Again thank you for all your effort and time.

From Ontario, Claude writes
Please note, I have received both my canes today and they are both two pieces of art and I am extremely "pleased and happy". These two canes will certainly add uniqueness and beauty to my cane collection. Again, thank you and I HIGHLY recommend Wilson Sticks should any collector and user want to enhance their cane collection.

From British Columbia, Carrol writes
I was saving the best for last, yeeeessss I got them and they're gorgeous!!!!!!:)))))))))) Thank you both of you for helping to make this happen......I had to quickly wrap them so hubby wouldn't see, brown paper and christmas wrap.....you know how hubbys are, their curiosity bumps are huge!!!!! lol!!! Tell Ivan I am absolutely thrilled beyond belief. Ooooooooooooh I wanted to ask you, would you both mind if I showed them around, and got more orders for you, or is that too much on your plate???? Anyways if I have your permission to do so, you know that I will, thanks again, and not to be surprised if the orders start coming in shortly.

From Maryland, Wayne writes
Just a note to let you know I received the bulldog cane. The quality is outstanding and since we are a part of a group that rescues English Bulldogs I am even more than proud to show it off. Children are fasinated with it and can't keep from staring at it. I could go on and on but I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the cane. Have a Blessed Christmas and a Great 2010 !!!!

From Alabama, Paul writes
Just wanted to let you know that Ivan did an awesome job on the cane!! – I don’t know if you follow college football here in the U.S. but the cane was for the head football coach at Clemson University. His 40th birthday was 11/20 and he and I are the same age and have been good friends since high school. They have a tradition where the team runs down a steep hill into the stadium before each home game and I told him at his age I was concerned about him being able to lead the team down the hill without incident. The game this past Saturday was televised nationally and the TV crews came into his office on Friday to interview him and he showed them the cane and they actually showed the footage of the cane on TV during the game!
Anyway thought you would appreciate the story, the next time I’m in need of a cane I will give you guys the first call!!

From California, Allen writes
Unbelievable. What an excellent cane of high quality. Perfect job. I am both former alumni and faculty at Yale School of Medicine and since I need a cane due to my condition this gives me comfort. Thank you so much. If you ever need a reference let me know.

From Illinois, James writes
Your beautiful stick arrived today and we couldn't be happier! You did such a beautiful job with the design and carving and staining. I hadn't told my wife about this and let her "discover" it amongst the other sticks when she got home from work. Her jaw dropped to the floor! She loves it.
What is so impressive is that you were able to produce this carving from a crude photo of the Queen's stick and another photo of our dog, Alfie, and combined the two to result in such a work of art. To say the least, it far exceeds my expectations. And I am delighted with the staining you did. I'm so glad you persuaded me to stain it to look like Alfie.
Once again, thank you so much Ivan.

From Wisconsin, Mac writes
Ivan, OH MY GOD!!! YOU ARE DEFINITELY A MASTER CRAFTSMAN!! I never ever thought I would call a boar head beautiful, but this is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! I've named her "Gracie" (after the Infamous Granuaile, She Captain of the Sea). The boar is considered a masculine symbol, but Gracie was every bit the equal of a man in strength and tenacity and came from County Sligo which is partial seat of Clan McDermott, Chief Military Vassals of the O'Connor, High King of Connaught. I searched the net for months before I found your website, and my tenacity has paid off with the finest walking cane on the face of the earth. And you made it happen, I couldn't have asked for anything more perfect. Exclamation points aren't enough to express my joy!!! I thank you from the bottom of my Irish heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Sla'inte to both of you! P.S., you definitely can display the boar head cane on your website, it would be an honor(not to mention your most beautiful masterpiece to date!!).

From Florida, Cleveland writes
I received my beautiful mandrill cane and, as you probably knew, I am beyond thrilled with it. Your talent is greatly underestimated on your brochure and on your website. Your ability to feel what the customer envisions is a priceless talent. Your fairness and professionalism changes the concept of dealing through the Internet. I am humbled by your care and detail in all directions.
Thank you again for such a wonderful experience and I hope to find an excuse for a repeat performance without the incentive of an injury. I felt the communication of emotions and respect for culture, and life in general, was touching. I wish both of you the best life has to offer and hope to be in touch.

From Ontario,Canada Terry writes
The cane came by courier this morning and it was with eager anticipation that I carefully unwrapped it. And lo! it was a beauty! My dog is now eight years old and, even though I've had other dogs and cats, I love him more than any pet I've been fortunate enough to have. The rendition of him on the cane (a very good one, by the way) will last far longer than he will. Thank you so much for carefully crafting this beautiful cane. You obviously have a great talent for doing what you do and I'm happy that you have decided to share it with us. Like I've always said, if you have to use a cane, you might as well use a good one, a unique one. This cane is something I will treasure for, hopefully, a long time.

From Indiana, Stacy writes
I got the stick yesterday, and just have to say what a BEAUTIFUL WORK OF ART it is!
It is just lovely, I can't thank you enough! You are very talented! I really mean it, it is just lovely!

From Georgia, Connie writes
Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that Luna arrived safe and sound. I wish you could have heard the message on my machine from my mother..."She's here! She's here! She's beautiful!" You have made my Mom so very happy and you greatly exceeded her expectations, no simple feat! Thank you from the center of my heart.

From England, Diana writes
My Chow Cane arrived safely this morning. It is absolutely beautiful!!!!! I really couldn"t have imagined how super it would be ..... I almost wish I had an injury so I could show it off!!! I don"t know how you managed such a tip-top chow head ( I am an international
Championship show judge of chows, so you can take my word for the quality
of the breed head). Thank you, a thousand times over!!!!

From Illinois, Patti writes
The stick is beautiful and what a surprise gift it was. My husband loves it! You really have a unique and wonderful talent. I'm so happy I came across your site.

From Virgina, Sharon writes
I received my beautiful umbrella today. I absolutely love it!!! I hope it rains tomorrow. I wanted to let you know it was a pleasure doing business with you. Thank you.

From Ontario, Don writes
I just received the pictures and cane. Thank you ever so much. It is perfect! You are indeed an artist! I'm not a huge collector of keepsakes, but I'll have this for the rest of my life. If I have occasion to hear of a friend's interest in your art, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you. You have an amazingly efficient business and a gift.

From California, Robin writes
I just received my wolf cane. It is everything, and more, that I expected! It is beautiful! Thank you so much!

From Florida, John writes
I received the staff yesterday, thank you so much. It is beautiful. The more my wife looks at it the more she wants one so you will be hearing from us soon.

From Indiana, Erik writes
Just wanted you to know I received the cane today and was quite impressed. You truly do have a wonderful talent. Thanks again for all your assistance and I look forward to contacting you in the future.

From New York, Barbara writes
The beautiful cane arrived, expertly wrapped, and exactly as described. The pugs and I can hardly wait until Valentine's Day. Thank you.

From Texas, Pamela writes
Hi! I spoke with you several weeks ago when I called to order the walking stick topped with a carved wolf head. I was looking for a gift for my dissertation chair/advisor who had mentored me through the arduous process of completing a doctorate, and I was worried about finding the "perfect" gift for him that would reflect my appreciation for, and admiration of, this man who was to receive the gift. I want you to know that he is thrilled with it, and I am so thankful to know that he has a beautiful, unique and useful gift that he will treasure for rest of his life. Thank you so much!

From Illinois, Phil writes

Just received my cane today. It is truly beautiful. Thank you very much. It is a true work of art. You are a fantastic carver. I will use it proudly for years.

From Connecticut, Steve writes
Thank you very much, I received the walking stick of Mistletoe today. The likeness is remarkable, and I see our baby is now a proud member of your website. Your work and business dealings are impeccable.

From Australia, Barbara writes
Wow!!!! what fantastic work you do Ivan. My "Magic" stick arrived at 8:30am today. Many, many thanks for the wonderful work you do Ivan, I'm sure to get many years of balance out of my "Friend".

From British Columbia, Tracey writes
Just wanted to let you know what kind of response your walking stick w/Irish Wolfhound head had with my father this Xmas. Keeping in mind he's a man of few words and not very much on outward emotion, he had to get up out of his chair and go downstairs to compose himself after opening and examining the stick. It was truly great and everyone thought it was marvelous. My boyfriend's done some carving (way back when) and he says your craftsmanship was superb. He did want to know whether it was all carved from a single piece (he couldn't tell, it was so perfect!) Thanks so much for all of your attention to detail, you're very much an artist!

From Florida, Don writes
The cane just arrived!!! You did a beautiful job on it!!! Slobber, slobber. The laser on the leg looks great, but the handle work is OUTSTANDING!!!! I really don't know if we will ever do any business together again, but if anything comes up, you can believe I'll be sending anybody I can, your way.