It is easiest to get an accurate length for your cane if you have somebody
else to help you take the measurement. While wearing the shoes you wear
most frequently, stand on a hard surface Stand upright in a relaxed stance
with arms hanging comfortably at your sides (natural bend to your elbow).
Choose the hand you will use and have someone measure the distance
from the floor to the crease of your wrist. Round this measurement to the
nearest half inch.

Also, the correct cane length is roughly one half the cane user's height,
in inches, wearing shoes. These methods will work for most people and is
the minimum height you should order. This is the ordering height to the top
of the handle on a cane.

*Remember - Canes can be shortened easily. They cannot be lengthened.


You can determine the length of your stick by holding a broom handle at a
comfortable height and measuring from the floor to the top of your hand.
There will be approximately 4" of carving above the top of the hand. The
ordering height is the height to the top of the hand and not the overall height.